My full name is Kacy Mooneyham. I’m a 25 year old singer and songwriter who was born and raised in a small, southern town in Florida. Some of my earliest memories are belting out Shania Twain songs, and performing “concerts” with my karaoke machine to my imaginary audience. At the age of 5, I took a small detour and fell into karate. Some may think karate isn’t relevant to a singing career, but that’s where I discovered my love of performing on a stage. By the time I was 9, I was on one of the most sought out karate teams in the world, Mike Chat's team called XMA, alongside actor Taylor Lautner, and was traveling around the world competing in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people on a stage by myself. An appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, ESPN2, Good Day LA,  and 8 world champion martial arts titles later, I soon realized I needed to make the move and pursue a career in entertainment. After some success in acting, I quickly got back to my true love which was music. I began vocal lessons and songwriting, and have gone from working with Don Cromwell of Air Supply, to recording music in Raphael Saadiq’s studio in Los Angeles, and most recently writing and recording in Sydney with producer Szabo. My song ‘Cherry on Top (Szabo Remix)’ has peaked at #25 on the Music Week commercial pop club chart in the UK and is signed to SuonoRec label in Italy.